Summary of Specific ClaimOnceID Solution Features
A comprehensive nation-wide solution to identity fraud that proactively protects individuals and institutions via a revolutionary method of identity proofing that is remarkably simple, non-intrusive, and intrinsically secure.

Based on establishment of a publicly accessible registry of exclusive individual claims to National ID numbers.

Applicable to practically every country in the world.

Focus is proactive. Designed to prevent identity fraud (both online and offline) before it happens.

Requires nothing of individuals in the way of new ID numbers, cards, or biometrics.

Proactively protects one’s National ID # (e.g. Social Security #) and practically every other personal ID # type, including IDs for credit cards, bank accounts, passports, driver licenses, insurance policies, memberships, etc.

Allows for protected ID #s to be openly exposed (intentionally or unintentionally) without fear of misuse.

Serves to mitigate the devastating effects of data disclosure breaches - for both individuals and institutions.

Incorporates a separation of services model that allows the base service to operate without any identifying data on those it protects, thus assuring the public that no level of privacy need be sacrificed.

All system data is intrinsically immune from prying eyes and misuse – from both internal and external threats.

Protection of important personal ID numbers is just the tip of the iceberg. Via the on-demand generation and distribution of Context Specific ID Numbers, the # of critical uses is virtually endless.

Provides an anonymous, yet definitive, universal login that supports (but does not require) the use of biometrics.

Provides complete protection of a person’s desired level of privacy (including anonymity) in online interactions, while simultaneously protecting the other party from ambiguous identification by the interacting person.

Insures the legitimacy of online voting, petitions, opinion polls, product reviews, research studies, etc. via ability to protect one’s anonymity while giving receiving party complete control of the # of submittals from each person.

Supports a revolutionary method of managing email that provides individuals with unparalleled flexibility and control in sending, requesting, receiving, blocking, and categorizing emails. This includes allowing individuals to send, request, and receive email without divulging an email address or any other personal data.

Can greatly enhance the effectiveness of target marketing while keeping individuals anonymous and giving them complete control over what does and does not reach them.

Provides convenience, privacy, protection, and legitimacy for countless applications that involve an individual person either providing information to or seeking information from another person or organization.

All services are voluntary and designed for seamless integration with existing technology.